What Have We Done So Far

What Have We Done So Far?

KCCC-UHN Partnership

Multidisciplin ary team approach

Accomplishments to Date

Trialing a new medical record
  • Trialing a new medical record
  • Providing support for complex surgeries
    • 10 hour hemiglossectomy, tracheostomy, bilateral neck dissection, then reconstruction of tongue defect with aradial forearm flap and thigh split thickness skin graft to treat a tongue squamour cell carcinoma
  • Providing access to the medical virtual library
  • Accreditation and patient safety toolkits
  • Identifying areas that are not meeting current standards of care
  • Lab technologist training in Canada
  • Developed the first Policy and Procedure manual for the OT
  • Developed a perioperative data sheet being used at KCCC
  • Recommendations provided for building improvements
  • Patient Safety Audits (i.e. Pressure Ulcers, Hand Hygiene)
  • Currently implementing electronic Accreditation communication system