Hospital Departments

Surgical Oncology

Founded in 1982, KCCC's Surgical Oncology Department has been offering excellent service and care to cancer patients in Kuwait. Surgical services focus on head and neck cancer surgery, breast and gynecological oncology as well as gastro-intestinal oncology and soft tissue sarcomas with its various subsites. The department of Surgical Oncology at Hussain Makki Juma Center for Specialised Surgery aims at providing a safe and high quality surgical service to all cancer patients at an optimum level. Prevention, early detection and curative management for early cancer cases and palliative care for advanced cases is the focus of the team.

It is the department’s goal to provide the therapy according to the clinical stage, biological characteristics of the tumour and the particular patient characteristics. We make it our objective to monitor the long-term follow-up of patients to detect as early as possible any treatment recurrence or ill-effects of treatment and ensure proper management.

The department of surgical oncology at the Kuwait Cancer Control Center wishes to provide the best and up to date surgical service in the Middle East. It is our vision that patient-centered care should drive all processes and plans for the future.

i. Surgical Inpatient Wards 3 & 4

We are a regional unit treating patients from across the country. The ward is split into two nursing teams divided at two nursing stations headed by a ward charge nurse. The teams consist of registered nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, and dieticians.

Whether you are here for a day or a number of weeks, we want you and your family to feel well informed and understand what is happening. We hope you will not hesitate to ask for as much information and advice as you require about any aspect of your care here.

Ward 3 is the male ward and ward 4 is the female ward.

For any enquiries for ward 3 please contact 2484-9100 ext 2300 or 2330 and for ward 4 please contact 2484-9100 ext 2400 or 2430.

Ward 3 is a 19 bed general surgical ward divided into 3 general, 5 private, and 2 suite rooms.

Ward 4 is a 26 bed general surgical ward divided into 4 general, 8 private, and 2 suite rooms.

Once you enter the Hussain Makki Juma, KCCC building from the main entrance doors, you will see the elevators facing you. Take the elevator to the first floor. Ward 3 (male ward) will be on your right side and ward 4 (female ward) will be on your left side.

ii. Surgical Outpatient

Coming Soon...

iii. Operating Theatre

The KCCC Operating Theatre team wants to give you and your family the best possible care before, during and after your surgery. We want to make your experience positive by making sure you are safe at all times.