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Radiation Oncology

Currently, more than 1000 new patients receive radiation treatment as a part of their therapy. The department contributes in the management of around 80% of cancer patients every year and more than 12000 patients are seen at the clinics every year.

The Radiation Oncology Department is responsible for the initial introduction and meeting of most cancer patients on their first arrival at the KCCC. The Department ensures a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere for these patients and prepare them for an upcoming rigorous management.

Complete, efficient examination & appropriate investigations are enforced so that the correct plan of management can be applied. To ensure a precise and evidence-based practice, protocols are made for different clinical scenarios. However treatment individualization is tailored according to the patient condition. This is made possible through multidisciplinary group meetings held by the different units of the radiation oncology departments with the other hospital departments including the medical, surgical, pathology, and radiology departments. Specialists from all units also take part in combined oncology meetings in peripheral hospitals regularly. After the appropriate plan of treatment is placed, the patient is started promptly on his journey to cure. Each department then continues their management and follow-up with regular meetings to monitor the progress of each patient to assess if any further alteration of the original plan of management is needed.

We work in close collaboration with the Kuwait Cancer Society. Regular specialized workshops are held all over the year, not only intended for improving the caliber of the department, but also on enlightening Kuwait’s medical community.

We strive to improve the progress of the department regarding machines, equipment, software, and even infrastructure. This is implemented by the hard work and dedication of its Executive Task Force committees. The radiation oncology department is extremely dedicated in continuing its involvement in research. We endeavor, and have succeeded in the publication of several papers in local and esteemed international journals.

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