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The Ministry Of Health in the State of Kuwait collaborates with other entities to provide clinical expertise to Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and strengthen cancer service delivery at the KCCC. Through this collaboration, KCCC offers our patients an access to the best internationally-certified cancer services, while ensuring continuous improvement of cancer care in Kuwait. We also focus on improving nursing and physician education, health administration and information technology. We continue to expand our experience while developing systems and innovative approaches that would benefit our patients.

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I am newly diagnosed to have cancer and I don't have a file. How can I see a cancer doctor?

You can schedule an appointment with a doctor at KCCC by coming into our Center Referral Office (CRO), show the documents that prove presence of cancer. The CRO is responsible to arrange your first meeting with a cancer doctor.

During your first visit to KCCC

To get the maximum benefit from your visit, kindly bring the needed documents:
- A valid Civil ID
- Detailed referral letter from your healthcare provider including your background information
- All health records
- A list of any surgeries you’ve had
- Your pathology report
- All your previous tests and x-rays
- All your home medications
- Someone with you for support and interpretation, if needed

Sleep well and eat well

Your first visit is expected to extend for hours. We advice you to sleep well the night before your visit. Unless you have been told otherwise, you are allowed to eat before your appointment.

On arrival

On arrival to KCCC, report to the information desk in the lobby of the main entrance of Sheikha Badriyah Building. A clerk will assist you to easily go to the dedicated room where you will meet your doctor.
If you already have Lab request(s) with you, come 2-3 hours before your appointment and go immediately to the lab for withdrawal of blood sample. The results of blood work will take from 2 to 3 hours, after that you can meet your doctor.

Tips to get the most out of your appointment

- Communicate. Tell your healthcare team about any concerns you have and ask questions if you want to know more.
- Bring support. A friend or family member can give you emotional support and can help you make good choices. They can also help you gather information, take notes and ask questions.
- Listen. You will hear lots of new information. Taking notes can help you absorb and understand what you hear.
- Take names. Writing down the names of the members of your healthcare team can help you get to know and recognize the people you will be working with.
- Try to be on time. Running late can be stressful, so make sure you leave yourself lots of time to get to your appointment.

During your visit

We encourage you to write your questions in a piece of paper, and during the visit, feel free to ask your doctor.
You will be seen by oncologist (a cancer doctor) and nurse. You may also be assisted by interpreter who is there to help and support you.
Your medical history will be discussed and a physical examination will be carried out. When the examination is finished an oncologist will review this information along with your reports and records, then sit with you to talk about treatment plan.

At the end of your visit

- Don't leave the clinic without being satisfied with all the answers or your inquiries.
- Don't forget the next appointment.
- Don't forget your prescription.
- Don't forget your future Lab request and/or x-ray requests.
- Don't forget any referral letter to other specialty, if needed.

Cancel your Appointment

For any reason, if you plan not to come your next appointment, kindly contact our reception to cancel your appointment. By this way, you will give a chance to another patient to see his doctor.

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