Hospital Departments


Physiotherapy is a health profession that assists people in regaining and maintaining health to be as independent as possible after illness or injury. Physical therapists evaluate, prevent and limit physical diability and pain, promote healing, restore/maintain functional ability. Physiotherapy management involves direct patient treatment, education of the patient, family and staff consultation and community advisement.

Physiotherapists treat people of all ages and with a variety of disabilities. At KCCC our physiotherapists support patients after cancer treatment such as postsurgical patients, post chemotherapy, and radiotherapy including neuromuscular problems, cardiopulmonary dysfunctions, orthopaedic complications. It is our objective to individualize each treatment plan to the patient’s needs and goals. Therapists also work to help restore emotional wellbeing through building self-confidence in new and relearned skills.

As integral members of the health care team, physiotherapists work with physicians and specialists in areas such as orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology and geriatrics. Physiotherapists work in cooperation with physicians, dentists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, psychologists and nurses.

The physiotherapy department’s primary mission is to attain and maintain the highest level of function, through the prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction and providing dkills that can make the patient less dependent through quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation care given to the inpatient and outpatient, the patients taking into account the patient needs and behavioral patterns.

In addition, physiotherapists undertake research and educational activities to keep abreast of new developments and updates in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. They contribute to the promotion of health and prevention of disease through the understanding of physiology, anatomy, body movement and functions.

It is our objective that we are able to establish and give the highest form of Physiotherapy services to the patient, to be a role model in Kuwait through the utilization of the available resources.