Hospital Departments

Nuclear Medicine

The nuclear medicine department uses unsealed sources of radiation (radiopharmaceuticals) in the form of liquid, gases and capsuls to diagnose and treat patients referred from different clinical services. The nuclear medicine services diagnose problems based on how the radiopharmaceuticals are handed inside the body using small amounts of radioactive material. The radioactive material used is safe and is given in small quantities either directly or after being labeled with different pharmaceuticals (carriers) for different studies. The central radiopharmacy unit in our department supplies all nuclear medicine departments in Kuwait their needs from therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals.

The department is the first in Kuwait to have a PET unit which provides a diagnostic procedure for referred patients. The department has the only Cyclotron in Kuwait.

The department of nuclear medicine in the Faisal Sultan bin Essa Building for diagnostic imaging consists of diagnostic, therapeutic and PET unit services for patients referred from different clinical departments. The PET/CT unit is a subspecialty in the department with the goal of providing diagnostic procedures for referred patients. Qualified nuclear physicians, technologists and physicists utilize expensive and sophisticated equipment to answer clinical problems pertaining to the patients referred to the department. The procedures are safe, non-invasive and cost effective.

The department consists of three units: General, PET-CT and Central Radiopharmacy units.

The Nuclear Medicine department is located on the second floor of the Faisal Sultan bin Essa for Diagnostic Imaging.