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Medical Oncology

The Medical Oncology department of KCCC supports patients with the utmost care and compassion. The department is designed to provide the medical care to patient who need chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, supportive care and follow-up. Cancer awareness and prevention in the community is also an important role that Medical Oncologists and their team endeavor to fulfill. The purpose of the department is to provide cancer patients in Kuwait with adequate treatment and support around medical oncology.

The department is comprised of five dedicated units as follows:

  • Lymphoma Unit
  • Breast Unit
  • Gastrointestinal Unit
  • Head, Neck, Lung & Urogenital Unit

i. Medical Oncology Inpatient Wards 5, 6 & 7

ii. Bone Marrow Transplant Ward 8

iii. Medical Oncology Outpatient

iv. Chemotherapy Day Care Unit and Casualty Complex

v. Chemotherapy Outpatient Clinic

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