Hospital Departments

Labs and Pathology

The KCCC Laboratories Department is made up of six laboratory areas including Histopathology, Flowcytometry, Cytology, Immunohistochemistry, Tumor Biology, and Molecular Biology

Histopathology Laboratory was established in October 1982 at the opening of the Kuwait Cancer Control Center. Pathology is the science that studies abnormal conditions in all tissues.

Of all the labs, the histopathology laboratory plays a key role in cancer management in the center.

The activities of the laboratory are diverse:

  • Preparation of tissue sections to establish a diagnosis.
  • Review of slides of patients referred to the center for treatment either from Kuwait or from other countries
  • Daily frozen sections for KCCC patients provided to hospitals in the Al-Sabah specialized regions and several other hospitals in the country.
  • Consultation of cases from peripheral hospitals and from abroad.
  • Slides from private hospitals.

Slides from private hospitals.

  • Provide a state of art diagnostic services to patients of the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC)
  • Provide consultation service for patients at peripheral hospitals
  • Maintain the quality assurance criteria by providing true, accurate and precise diagnosis
  • Provide high quality hematological diagnostic to oncology patients admitted under various services in the center.
  • Provide a state of art autologous peripheral blood stem cells transplantation.
  • Maintain high standard of staff efficiency by regular in-service training
  • Provide a high standard blood bank, transfusion, flowcytometry, tumor marker and molecular diagnostic services for patients of KCCC


  • Continue upgrade the service with the state of art of diagnostic skills
  • Provide high quality education and training in oncological pathology to clinical and technical staffs
  • Continue providing autologous peripheral blood stem cells transplantation and processing of the bone marrow collection for the bone marrow transplantation
  • Promote clinically relevant research
  • Possibility of merging and unify the similar laboratory services