Hospital Departments


The department of hematology provides diagnostic and therapeutic hematology services and conducts postgraduate training in hematology. The initiative is to provide state of the art therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients with hematological malignancies in the State of Kuwait and provide training in hematological oncology for physicians/hematologists in training. It is the goal of the KCCC hematology department to bring high quality therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients with leukemias, myelomas and myeloproliferative disorders at the level of international centers. It is the hope that we provide high quality diagnostic and hematological supportive care to oncology patients under the care of various clinical services in the Center.

It is our objective in the hematology department to continuously upgrade the services with state of the art therapies and diagnostis, conduct topical and clinically relevant research, and optimally utilize the available resources. Furthermore, we endeavor to continuously audit our services to promote accountability and excellence and create an environment that is patient centered.

Our dedicated medical staff is committed to providing high quality care with promptness and compassion. We have a high level of satisfaction amongst the patients being cared for in the department. We are also exceptional at incorporating recent advances in hematological oncology treatment to patient care at KCCC.

The department of hematology has two principle services, clinical and laboratory. The office of the head of the department is located on the ground floor of the Hussein Makki Juma Building for Specialized Surgery on the right side after going through the main entrance of the building.

Ward one (male ward) and ward two (female ward) are located in the palliative care center of the KCCC complex.

The department runs 8 clinics per week located on the ground floor of the Hussein Makki Juma Building for Specialized Surgery for outpatient consultations and treatment; Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. One clinic on Mondays is dedicated to bone marrow aspiration and biopsies.

Patients will be seen as soon as possible in the clinic, however a waiting list will be maintained if required. Patients with acute leukemias, myelomas, myelodysplasias, patients with bleeding, fever/infections/metabolic complications will be prioritized.

The department provides inpatient services to an average of 20 patients admitted under it. Most of such patients require intensive chemotherapy, supportive care and monitoring. Latest standard treatment protocols are used in conjunction with high standard supportive care. State of the art therapies including imatinib, Thalidomide and monoclonal antibodies are used.

The Haematology laboratory has recently been refurbished to provide more space and improved working conditions. Old equipment were replaced by new ones. Quality assurance programmes were regularly implemented.

The cytogenetics and immunophenotyping laboratory provides services to the State of Kuwait. The cytogenetics laboratory introduced in addition the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), quantitative PCR for providing state of the art genetic studies for haematological malignancies. The department is accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists for training in MRCPath Hematology and Clinical Immunology. The department is actively involved in scientific activities and research programs.