About Us

About Us

about kccc  The Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) is a comprehensive center dedicated entirely to the purpose of providing Cancer Care across the State of Kuwait. Founded in 1968, KCCC is a governmental center affiliated to the Kuwait ministry of health. It is primarily made up of the Hussain Makki Juma building for Specialized Surgery, the Sheikha Badriya Al Sabah Medical Oncology Building, and the Faisal Sultan Ibn Issa Diagnostic Imaging building. With over 600 highly qualified medical oncology staff, KCCC is a 200 bed hospital complex located in Shuwaikh. KCCC treats over 2000 new cancer patients each year from Kuwait and the region. It is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and services.

Letter From The Director

Letter from the directorDear patients and friends of the center,

 Being diagnosed with cancer is a difficult experience, but together we can fight it. Welcome to the Kuwait Cancer Control Center website. It is with great pride that we share with you our comprehensive cancer center through the internet. With this website, we hope that you have access to the information and tools you need. It is our mission at KCCC to provide integrated, professional cancer care for patients, their families and society including prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care. Research, training and continuing education are integral to comprehensive health promotion and cancer care in Kuwait.

We are committed to providing the best cancer care possible in the nation of Kuwait. With a strong team of department heads, we will strive to achieve the best cancer care and control regionally and internationally.

Wishing you a fast recovery.

Dr. Ahmad Al Awadhi
Kuwait Cancer Control Center

KCCC At A Glance

KCCC at a glance Every day at Kuwait Cancer Control Center, our healthcare professionals care for patients, support multi-disciplinary care and train the next generation of oncology health professionals in Kuwait. At the same time, we look for ways to do even better what we already do well. In 2011, KCCC welcomed 4,105 patients into the 11 inpatient wards. In that same year, health care professionals at KCCC managed the outpatient cases of 28,697 patients.

Number of wards: 11
Number of beds: over 150 bed capacity
Employees: over 1400
Nurses: over 600
Physicians: over 100

The Center provides all available services for cancer patient with a wide number of competent Medical staff and several available treatment modalities. Three areas of cancer treatment are represented through the surgical oncology team, the medical oncology team and the radiation oncology team. In 2011, 16,557 (8,679 Kuwaitis and 7,878 Non-Kuwaitis) received chemotherapy through the KCCC medical oncology team. Radiotherapy was administered to 15,877 patients in 2011by the radiation therapy team using four state-of-the-art machines available at KCCC. In that same year, 1,407 (584 Kuwaitis and 823 Non-Kuwaits) surgeries were conducted by the specialized surgical oncology team at KCCC. There are many other specialized services provided at KCCC to support the patient-centered objectives of the cancer center, and they are the following:

Our Oncology Specialists

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pathology
  • Hematology
  • Stem Cell Laboratory
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Physical Therapy
  • Palliative Services
  • Out-patient Department
    • Surgical Out Patient Department
    • Radiation Oncology Out Patient Department
    • Medical Oncology Outpatient Department
    • Radio Diagnostic Center: is situated in the 1st floor of Faisal Sultan Bin Essa Center. (It consists of Nuclear Medicine, PET scan, Thyroid clinic & Radiology investigation.)
    • Pain Clinic
  • Anesthesia
  • Pain Management
  • Cancer Registry
  • Psychiatric Clinic
  • Nutrition Clinic
Population (2009) Kuwaiti Non-Kuwaiti Total
Male 48.1% 68.3% 62.1%
Female 51.0% 31.7% 37.9%
Sub-Total 1,102,485 (32%) 2,340,460 (68.0%) 3,442,945
Ratio (m : f) 1:1.04 2.2:1 1.61:1
Vision, Mission And Values
KCCC Vision
Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure
Staff Numbers
Department as per KCCC listing # of Staff
Hospital Management 3
Administrative Management 8
Secretaries 20
Typists 10
Switchboard Administration 7
Clinical Departments
Surgeons 15
Medical Oncologists 23
Nuclear Medicine Physicians 8
Nuclear Medicine Other 16
Radiotherapy Physicians 19
Radiotherapy Other 17
Radiologists 14
Radiology Other 42
Medical Physicists 4
Medical Physics Other 9
Pathologists 15
Haematology Lab Technicians 23
Pathology Lab Other 44
Anaesthetists 14
Anaesthesia Other 9
Hematologists 7
Cytology lab 19
Supporting Departments
Engineering Department 29
Pharmacy Department 22
Physiotherapy Department 10
Public Affairs Department 24
Storage Department 6
Accounting Department 12
Medical Records Department 18
Hospitality Services Department 9
Nutrition Department 8
Social Services Department 4
Cancer Registry Department 6
Labour Workers (Non-porters) 15
Total Staff in Administration 48
Total Physicians and Surgeons 112
Total Technicians by Dept 166
Total Staff in Support Depts 163
Total Nurses 490
Total Porters/Cleaners 664
Total KCCC Staff 1643
Quality And Accountability

Quality and Accountability Being accountable to our patients and community is essential to maintaining public trust and an international reputation for excellence. The Kuwait Cancer Control Center, accountability means making the right clinical and managerial decisions, managing resources efficiently, and measuring our performance against local GCC and international benchmarks.

To that end, Performance Measurement provides KCCC's departments with evidence-based data and analytical expertise to help them plan their services. With the right data and analysis, KCCC could, for example, find ways to reduce wait times, improve the efficiencies of particular units or clinic areas through quality improvement projects, and lower the rates of post-operative wound infections and re-admissions.

In the long run, good management of our services and resources allows us to focus on our primary role of providing patients with the highest possible standard of care.

Our History

Our History The Kuwait Cancer Control Center was developed in the early 1970’s as a Tertiary Health Care Center, located in Shuwaikh in the Al Sabah Medical District. This is the only oncology hospital that covers the care for all the cancer patients in Kuwait. KCCC is composed of five centers with a 459 bed capacity. These centers are 143 bedded Hussain Makki Juma Center for Specialized Surgeries old and new buildings, 150 bedded Sheikha Badriya Medical Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation Center, 29 bedded Faisal Eisa Sultan Center for Diagnostic Imaging.

Our History


Title Of Client Speaks

Title Of Client Speaks
I would like to Thank Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi for his devotion and commitment in doing the impossible mission for KCCC to meet high international standards with the best medical care and support. Special thanks also to Dr. Fahad Al-Enezi, and Ward 3 (men) all staff and nursing team for their professionalism and helpful hands. Regards, Mohammad Abdullatif Al-Qinai (Son of the patient Abdullatif may his soul rest in peace).

Mohammad Abdullatif Alqinai

Title Of Client Speaks
I enjoy working at KCCC because it provides a great environment for me and my colleagues when working with patients. We do our best here to help our patients and their families.

KCCC employee

Title Of Client Speaks
It is so great to see this site available to all. I really appreciate the information that I found on here. Thank you.

Sarah Al-Mutairi

Title Of Client Speaks
A dedicated team of people trying to truly elevate the level of cancer treatment in Kuwait and provide the best care for patients.

Ali L